Complaints Handling Policy

At Inside Canberra we acknowledge that sometimes you will have complaints. On this page we outline our policy.

If you do have a complaint please email

If you submit a complaint we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint. The matter will then be assessed and we will plan what happens from there. If required an investigation will take place before responding.

Inside Canberra will review how many complaints have been received on a quarterly basis and will adjust our systems and processes if there is a clear sign that something needs to be addressed based on feedback.

We appreciate feedback and take on board any complaints. We see that process as a way to improve the products that we create.

Our complaint handling system is modelled on principles of fairness, accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency. It is integrated with the core business of Inside Canberra as we seek to provide a higher level of public interest journalism.

We look to follow a thorough process which involves several stages in dealing with complaints.

We thank our readers

We strive to provide good quality content that is of interest to Australians. We publish the Inside Canberra newsletter and we also embrace the digital platforms and hopefully will be expanding our services.