Issue no. 22

Published 24 May 2019

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The Week in Politics

Anthony Albanese is set to take over from Bill Shorten as Labor Leader

Anthony Albanese looking likely to take over from Bill Shorten (photo by Rob Keating)
One week on from the Federal Election, this week was dominated by the AEC count and the Labor leadership race.

As is stands no seats have been declared which is likely to happen next week. A seat in the House of Representatives may only be declared before all votes are counted if the amount of votes a candidate receives puts them ahead by a margin that is greater than the number of remaining votes to count.

From the Gallery

May 24, 2019

  • Advance Australia the new thinktank was effective in countering GetUp in their campaign particularly in Dickson where Peter Dutton increased his vote by 2% despite being number 1 on Getup’s hit list.
  • Scott Morrison’s win wasn’t only good for the Coalition it was good for the stock market. The jump was the best in 3 decades with the shares rising around $33 billion on the back of the PM’s win.

Michael Keating

The Nationals Meet in Parliament

Fresh of his victorious campaign Leader of the Nationals Michael McCormack and his team flew back into Canberra to meet in Parliament House. As is tradition after each election, in the Nationals the Leadership and Deputy Leadership were spilled in their Party room in Parliament.

Election Funding

 If a party receives more than 4% of the votes in the House of Representatives or Senate, they are eligible to receive public funding for their efforts.
The logic for this measure was that we wouldn’t see a US-style campaigning system.

New South African High Commissioner

His Excellency Marthinus van Schalkwyk presented his Letter of Credence to the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency, Sir Peter Cosgrove on Monday the 20th of May. His background previous to being appointed High Commissioner was a South African politician, academic, lawyer, and apartheid-era intelligence operative.

Australian Government General Government Sector Monthly Financial Statements April 2019

The Minister for Finance and the Public Service, Senator Mathias Cormann and Rosemary Huxtable the Secretary of the Department of Finance have released the government’s numbers for April.

Labor Learns Its Political Lesson

Penny Wong (photo by Rob Keating)

 In an interview with ABC Business reporter Elysse Morgan on Wednesday, former Labor Minister and the current chair of Industry Super, Greg Combet, said that Labor lost the election because it neglected wealth creation and economic reform and focused too much on wealth redistribution.

His intervention has been so egregious that Penny Wong had to slap him down by saying: “Albo is the outstanding parliamentarian of our generation. He’s shown that in his previous capacity as leader of the House, and he’s shown that he can work with people across the Parliament to achieve the outcomes that benefit working people.”

Remembering Bob Hawke

Bob Hawke speaking at the National Press Club of Australia (Photo by Rob Keating)
Bob Hawke is undoubtedly Australia’s greatest Prime Minister.
His intellect was the equal of Menzies with the added bonus that he was an economist as well as a lawyer.

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