The Inside Canberra newsletter is the first and longest running political newsletter in Australia. It was founded in 1947. Rob Chalmers was the last editor of the publication with 51 years as a member of the Canberra Press Gallery he held the distinction of being the longest-serving member of the Federal Press Gallery.

Inside Canberra is now published by Keating Media direct from the Press Gallery in Parliament House. Michael Keating is the Editor-in-Chief, John McDonnell is the Editor for the publication. Between them Michael and John have over fifty years experience in the business of governments at Federal, State and International level.

The Inside Canberra Editors focus specifically on situations confronting you day by day. Our writing style enables fast reading, ensuring you can find essential facts quickly and easily.

The contents often contain the ‘seeds of opportunity’ and, if you keep every issue, you’ll have answers right at hand when you need them – even for questions you may not anticipate right now.

The Inside Canberra publication can often provide you with a fresh view on a subject or add another voice, to bring new thinking. They are also ideal material for Reports, Presentations, Interviews and Speeches.

The newsletter is dispatched to subscribers from Keating Media on Friday from